The Motability Scheme

If you are in receipt of the Higher Rate Component Disability Living Allowance and join the Motability Contract Hire Scheme, you can drive a brand new Ford - worry free. Have a new car every 3 years, with servicing, insurance, breakdown cover, tyres, windscreens, and routine maintenance taken care of. With Motability everything is taken care of so you can enjoy the freedom to drive. 

How Does The Scheme Work? 

If you are eligible for the scheme, simply chose the car that is best suited to your needs. We have a range of cars from the agile Ford Ka to the multi purpose 7 seat Ford Galaxy, some with automatic transmissions, petrol or diesel, so we are sure there will be a car to suit you in our range. When you have test driven the new cars and found one that suits you, our experienced Motability Specialists will guide you through every step of the process. From the initial application to finally getting behind the wheel, you are in safe hands.

If you have specific mobility needs, such as hand controls, modified seats or anything else that makes using your car easier, we are happy to advise. We work with a range of disability aid providers to help you solve any difficulties you might encounter.

You can choose to exchange you allowance for a new car, or add some money in the way of an advance deposit. Many cars, such as the new Focus, do not need any advance deposit, but if you wish to access a high specification model an advance deposit may be needed. Click here to view the latest advance payments. We put your application in to Motability for you and organise all the paperwork for taxation and insurance of the new car. You can then collect your new car and drive it for 3 years. We will organise and remind you when it needs servicing, we are happy to collect it for service if you wish. When the car is approaching 3 years old you simply repeat the process and chose a new car.

In the 3 years that you drive your car, Motability cover the cost of insurance for 2 drivers and all running costs excluding accidental damage and fuel. You will be covered by the RAC with full breakdown cover including at home or abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have points on my licence, does this affect my application? All drivers have to give their driving licence details to Motability to be checked. Some offences and points may affect your ability to be an insured driver on a scheme car, but this does not mean that you have to have a completely clean licence to be eligible to drive.

I only have an award at the Higher Rate for 2 years, can I get a car? Yes. In principle you do not need a full 3 years on your award to apply for a car on the scheme, but call us for more details.

Can my 18 year old son drive my car? Some scheme cars carry restrictions on young drivers, but many do not. Young drivers are permitted on many car subject to the insurance group of the car. Call us for the latest information about restrictions.

I already own a car, can I part-exchange it? Although there is no mechanism to 'part-exchange' a car for a Motability Contract Hire car, we are happy to buy any vehicle you wish to trade-in. You can use the money towards the advance deposit or receive a cheque back for the value of your old car.

I do not drive, can my relative drive the car for me? You, the applicant, do not have to be a driver of the car. Someone in your household, or someone who helps you and lives within 5 miles of your home address can be named on your insurance to drive the car for you.

I have had a car on the scheme for 18 months and it is getting difficult for me to drive, can I change it earlier than 3 years? If your needs change part way through your contract, you may, with the permission of Motability, change the car. If you find you need a car with automatic transmission or a car that is easier to get in please call in and we will arrange a test drive in a suitable vehicle for you.



Motability Offer

EcoSport from £95.00

Advance Payment



“This was by far the most comfortable new car buying experience that I have had in over 40 years. The staff at Springfield garage were knowledgable, pleasant, open and honest, not "pushy" and made the whole experience pleasant from beginning to end. If you are looking for an exemplary Ford dealership, then look no further than Will, Tim and the crew at Springfield - excellent. ”

D.K. - Selby. North Yorkshire.

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