Service Plans

Many people choose to fix the cost of their mortgages, gas bills and electricity bills, so why not fix the price of your car servicing? Our Service Plan allows you to fix these costs for up to 5 years, so your service in 5 years’ time will be at today’s prices! Our Service Plan is administered by an independent company who are the market leader in their field; the way Service Plan works is as follows:

You benefit by having fixed prices and the peace of mind that you are not going to get a large bill when your car is due for service. If you sell your car, or if it is written off in an accident, you can get back all the unused funds left in your service plan; if you change your mind and don’t wish to continue with the plan you can also get back any unused funds. If you part exchange your car with us you can transfer any unused funds into a Service Plan on your new car.

Our Service Plan covers the cost of servicing and MOTs, but for a small extra monthly cost you can add in full service breakdown cover or other items should you want. Service Plans do not cover, tyres, brakes, wiper blades or other parts outside the scope of a standard service – because we do not know when your car will need tyres or brakes. However, the bulk of the cost of running your car is taken care of.

If you would like a Service Plan quote for your car, please e-mail us at and we will provide one for you. In order to do this we will need your car registration number, current mileage, the annual mileage you cover and the details of the last service it had - when was it, what mileage was it and what sort of service was it (12,500 / 25,000 / 37500 etc.).

Please call us on 01977 672583 if you have any questions on our Service Plan.

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“The buying experience from Springfield was second to none because of the treatment and imformation given by the salesmen instills confidence and trust in both the product and Springfield Garage”

M.F. Thorpe Willoughby. Selby

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